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About Us

Our story...

In March of 2016, David & Kelsey decided it was time to make the big move from Maryland to Texas. Kelsey's parents and brother made the move too and are integral members of the farm! After dozens of phone calls, countless hours of work and home improvements and only by the grace of God, we found our forever home in Northeast Texas and so began Swartz Family Farm! We since added four children and lots of animals and projects have come and gone since then.

Originally starting with goats, our farm grew from a herd of 4 to a herd of 75 over the course of 6 years; when we ultimately decided to downsize when we were expecting baby #4. We now have a herd of 18 goats, and have added cows, egg and meat producing chickens, bees and two donkeys. In addition, we have a garden and several small businesses we run from the farm.

We pride ourselves in being one with nature and treating each and every animal on the farm with kind, compassion, caring and respect as we are beyond grateful for their work and the blessings they bring to us by being a part of our farm! When David and Kelsey started this dream of homesteading it was truly because we felt the calling to be stewards of creation- treat the animal, crop, land and household well, and you will reap bountifully in their blessings. We also want to give back and much as we take and maintain a sustainable homestead. We hold the concept of stewardship and sustainability very close to our hearts. 

Through this homesteading journey, we've discovered regenerative farming.  Regenerative farming is a way to heal, protect and increase pasture fertility and health naturally the way god intended. This process uses a variety of livestock to fertilize, aerate and maintain pasture health. Using these methods as opposed to conventional agriculture, we not only feed our animals high quality pasture, but we in turn feed ourselves high quality, nutritious, and healthy meat that has a beneficial impact on our environment. 

Our first venue was Fairydust Farm, born in April of 2017. Our first daughter was 1 month old and Kelsey's mom, Linda, said one day, "I wanted to sell green goo (check out our blog about that here!) We started Fairydust Farm and sold at the Mount Pleasant Farmer's Market for several years! It was s great start and still a thriving business today. We've been to so many different vendor events, had booths in different shops and boutiques and also had an online store through Facebook for a while as well. Now you can find our products on this website and shop all your apothecary essentials!

In 2020, we were looking for another venue to sell our Fairydust Farm items since everything was shut down. It was also at this time that Kelsey discovered her love of geology and crystal collections and started making crystal beaded jewelry for herself. A simple hobby from high school quickly turned into a thriving business with the creation of Bohemian Cowgirls in April of 2020. Business was booming for several years, but after the birth of babies #2 and #3, business started to slow down and so did free-time, so Bohemian Cowgirls now has one jewelry drop every quarter! Extra are posted in the shop after they've been dropped on Facebook! 

January 2024 came along, and we were looking for something fresh and new to do! We also needed a way to sell our farm fresh, pastured raised chicken; and an idea that had been in our dreams for 18 months became a reality. Farmers Market To-Go! Delivering farm fresh goods farm our local farmers right to your front door! 

We have so many more ideas that will hopefully one day become a reality and we can't wait to show it all to you along the way! 

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